Monday, August 1, 2016

Pumpkin Tangles

I've been working on a white foam pumpkin to try out a few tangles. I'm posting a few pictures of my progress so far.

Working on a foam pumpkin is similar to tangling on a gourd. They're both round surfaces, so present a bit of a challenge as to stability of the surface used. You also can't tangle with an ink that needs drying time and then set down on that surface. You may need a container to set the pumpkin in to allow that section to breathe and dry.

Both hands are in play while tangling - one holding the pumpkin while the other hand does the work. Again, you may find a container or way to hold the pumpkin, but round objects tend to slide/move so the non-dominate hand still needs to be available to catch any movement.

Foam pumpkins are plastic. Not all inks/paints work on these. I've found that I prefer the I-Denti pens for tangling. I have used these or Sharpies for coloring. For shading, I couldn't find either in shades of gray, so I'm relying on Tombow markers. These may not be permanent if wet, but I plan to use the pumpkin indoors only, so I don't think this will be an issue.

So far, I'm using Avreal, Poke Leaf, modified Mooka with Eni Oken's style jewels, modified Yuma and Zenith.

Warning: Tangling pumpkins can be addictive. They also take longer than you might think. I had thought I would be finished in a few days, but the more I tangle, the more I want to add details. Fun, fun!