Sunday, December 4, 2016

Olaf Spinner Explosion Box

I just completed my first video as a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator. Although all materials used are not Stampin' Up! products, the video features one of my favorites, the Sliding Star Framelits Dies. The colors of the box reminded me of snow and I decided to feature a Cricut print and cut from the Disney Cartridge Frozen Printables. I hope you enjoy the video.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Up and Away!

I can't wait to order this new stamp/thinlets set to use for a new explosion box I have in mind. I remember going to see a Hot Air Balloon Rally once and how beautiful the sky was with hundreds of colorful balloons rising. Enjoy the Stampin' Up! video. These will be available in January from our new Occasions Catalog. And remember, any $50.00 or more order from my Stampin' Up! store earns you a $10.00 coupon for my Tangled Moons etsy shop.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday, Coupon Codes!

Don't forget when you're cyber shopping this weekend or brick and mortar store shopping, that it's Small Business Saturday today. Please support your local businesses in your area.

We have new coupon codes today and will have another for Cyber Monday. Today's is SBSaturday2016 and will earn you 25% off your entire order before shipping on both etsy shops, Tangled Moons and The Irresistible Ewe. Please read the shop info for Holiday Shipping times.

I have recently begun working with the company Stampin' Up, which features wonderful stamps, thinklets, paper and punches, etc. You can win free merchandise credits for all purchases over $150.00. For purchases of $50.00 or under, use the hostess code: 9RT4MVGY. Added bonus through Christmas: $10.00 coupon for etsy shop Tangled Moons for all purchases of $50.00 or more. Check out our sales going on through Monday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Card

This is my first Stampin' Up! project using my new stamps. The list of materials used is below:

Very Vanilla Cardstock:
Presents and Pinecones Designer Series Paper
Vintage Leaves Photopolymer Stamps
Chocolate Chip Ink Pad
Delightful Dijon Ink Pad

Dark Brown Paper

Fall & Halloween Corrugate Stack

Prisma Colors Colored Pencils

Bronze brads
chip, then attached with brads to a torn piece of corrugated paper, attached to the card using Stampin' Dimensionals.
I stamped the leaves onto Very Vanilla and various scrap pieces of metallic card stock. I left the Very Vanilla leaves plain and shaded the metallic leaves using Prisma colored pencils. The plain leaves were directly glued to the card and the metallic leaves raised slightly with the Dimensionals.
For the inside of the card, I stamped one leaf fully inked with Chocolate Chip, then stamped again twice, but without re-inking to create shadow leaves.
I hope you enjoy the card and are having fun making your own.
You can order the Stampin' Up! products from my Stampin' Up! page. Please use the hostess code: 9RT4MVGY if your order is under $150.00. Happy Stampin'!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Honey Bees and the Christmas Stockings

Okay, so I didn't make to Nano this year, but was trying to get some rest this morning and my ear kept popping so that I couldn't sleep. I decided to mentally plan a card for my upcoming event. One thought led to another as I tried to connect the stamps I had on hand to work with for this project. I have stockings and also a honeybee kind of set with a slider die cut thingy. This story came to mind, kind of a Christmas legend, although I just made it up. I was wondering if anyone would like to read it and give honest feedback. It is very quickly and roughly put together, called The Honeybees and the Christmas Stockings. Anyone game? Here is the story:

The Honeybees and the Christmas Stockings

On a cold and snowy Christmas Eve night, a pine branch fell onto a beehive. The branch, being large and heavy, cracked the top of the beehive, and the snow blew into the hive, making the bees shiver and shake.
The queen bee said to her workers, “Let us fly tonight and find ourselves a place to keep warm. So, they flew to the nearest home and down the chimney where they found two large stockings filled with sweet meats and presents.
The bees snuggled into the soft wool of the stockings and were soon buzzing softly in their sleep over the cracking fire.
Before long, the lady in the house heard the buzzing and said to her husband, “What is that noise over the fireplace?”
“Hmm,” he answered and rose from his rocker to look.
Spying the honeybees nestled in their stockings, he grew angry and snatched the stockings from their pegs on the mantle. He shook his stocking until the bees, now warm, awoke and began buzzing angrily around his head.
Alarmed, his wife ran to the fireplace and grabbed her stocking. She swung the stocking around and around her head until the bees in her stocking were also buzzing and angry.
The man and his wife began swatting at the bees, angry that the bees had ruined their Christmas Eve.
The bees, afraid for their lives, flew out of the chimney and toward the next home. There was smoke coming from that chimney and sounds of singing.
The queen led the bees down through the chimney where they found four stockings filled with fruit and cloth-wrapped gifts. They dove into the stockings and snuggled into the wool stitches and were soon buzzing softly in their sleep.
A small girl stood on the brick ledge in front of the fireplace. She cocked one small ear toward her stocking and called out to her mother, “My stocking is singing!”
Her mother leaned over the stocking, peaked in and smiled.
“Your stocking has guests,” she said.
The mother crooked a finger at her husband who also gazed in wonder at the tiny sleeping bees. He held his finger up to his lips and they tiptoed away.
The father strode through the forest to the bees’ nest he had seen the week before in the woods. The snow was heavy on top of the nest now and the crack was widening from the weight of the pine branch.
He lifted the branch, then shook off the snow. Placing the beehive onto the sled he had brought with him, he pulled it back to his home and into his workshop.
While the bees slumbered, the man removed the cracked top of the beehive and replaced it with a new board, thicker and heavier than the last. When it was finished, he pulled it on the sled to their home and set it beside the fireplace.
Singing softly, the mother and father, the small girl and her little brother stood around the fire until the bees awoke and peered out of the stockings.
The queen bee led the way, flying into her new beehive, while her worker bees followed. They snuggled into their bee places, now dry and warm from the fireplace and dreamt of flowers and spring days.
The family smiled and hugged and tucked into their own beds, dreaming of sled rides and pumpkin pie on Christmas Day.
In the morning, the father carried the happy bees to a shelter by the side of the house where the chimney rose tall and warm. They would be safe here until warm days and flowers bursting with pollen would again call them from their nest for happy adventures. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Stampin' Up!

I have recently joined the company, Stampin' Up!, based on so many custom order requests for my explosion boxes that I sell on my etsy shop, Tangled Moons. I have more and more customers who want to tweak the boxes and to add personalized tags or embellishments. I feel like their beautiful stamps and dies are a perfect match to add that personal touch.  I am really excited about the first custom box I've started working on.
I've completed the outside of the box and will give further details later along with a video for using these tools as soon as this cold gets better.
For any Stampin' Up! orders under $150.00, use the code: 9RT4MVGY. For all orders of $50.00 and over a coupon code for a free explosion box (up to $10.00 in value) from Tangled Moons on Etsy will be sent to the buyer.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pumpkin Tangles

I've been working on a white foam pumpkin to try out a few tangles. I'm posting a few pictures of my progress so far.

Working on a foam pumpkin is similar to tangling on a gourd. They're both round surfaces, so present a bit of a challenge as to stability of the surface used. You also can't tangle with an ink that needs drying time and then set down on that surface. You may need a container to set the pumpkin in to allow that section to breathe and dry.

Both hands are in play while tangling - one holding the pumpkin while the other hand does the work. Again, you may find a container or way to hold the pumpkin, but round objects tend to slide/move so the non-dominate hand still needs to be available to catch any movement.

Foam pumpkins are plastic. Not all inks/paints work on these. I've found that I prefer the I-Denti pens for tangling. I have used these or Sharpies for coloring. For shading, I couldn't find either in shades of gray, so I'm relying on Tombow markers. These may not be permanent if wet, but I plan to use the pumpkin indoors only, so I don't think this will be an issue.

So far, I'm using Avreal, Poke Leaf, modified Mooka with Eni Oken's style jewels, modified Yuma and Zenith.

Warning: Tangling pumpkins can be addictive. They also take longer than you might think. I had thought I would be finished in a few days, but the more I tangle, the more I want to add details. Fun, fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Southwest Explosion Box: Make Your Own Memory Cube

 I have been working on my first video tutorial for Skill Share. It went live today! I'd love for everyone to use the link to watch my video. I'd also welcome feedback on the site.
Teachers, why not try a new hands-on approach for your students' projects next year? Instead of the same old shadow boxes, why not try making some book reports presented with explosion boxes? Or maybe a science report? Combine math skills to resize for smaller boxes.
Here's the link to watch the intro:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Challenge Entry

I finally entered a weekly challenge from one of the Zentangle® Facebook pages I subscribe to. I always see the challenges and think, what fun!, then don't get the time to participate. I love Marie Penzine's new tangle®, Zing Zing and decided to give it a try on Eni Oken's page, Shading Zentangle. For some reason, the tile is much darker and defined in person. I tried scanning and taking the photos with my Kindle Fire tablet. Anyway, here are the before shading and after shading photos.

Before Shading

                                                                                    After Shading

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Explosion Box Listings

Two Sundays ago, I was on the phone and my husband's computer trying to restore our Internet link. When I stood up to check our land line, my foot caught in the bedspread end hanging on the floor next to his computer desk. I found myself flying toward the floor with a painful oomph. Hours later at the emergency clinic, I was told my right arm wasn't broken, but I needed to use a sling for several days because of the trauma to my arm and wrist. Of course, this is my dominant hand and arm. I put my etsy shop, Tangled Moons, on vacation for a week, estimating that I would be fine in a week.
Well, I am better - I can type a little and write/draw a little. I still can't pick up anything heavy or turn a doorknob with any resistance. Fortunately, Henry is a wonderful husband who has waited on me when needed and also is off work for the summer.
I have  opened the etsy shop again, but the listings are not offering variations at this time. What is listed is for sale as is. I have managed to get a few new photos of some boxes that were already made, so I have a few more listings to add. I'm not someone who is happy to sit back and do nothing, so I am exercising the arm as much as I can.

I'll have to set a new goal (2 more weeks) and I plan to be back on target. Not the summer I had planned, but I'm trying to make lemonade. I'm refocusing on creating a small book on Tangling with Die Cuts and may even start an Explosion Box book. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Upcoming Pickle Festival

I have finished one WIP OPUS tile and am working on a tri-fold board for my table at the upcoming Mt. Olive Pickle Festival. I plan on promoting Zentangle and trying to set up more classes in the fall. This is what I have so far. This is coming at the same time some of my fellow CZT's are working on trying to come up with a consistent response to the question we all get, "What is Zentangle?" It's a hard question to put into just a few words. One has to experience Zentangle in order to really describe it. Hopefully, this board will answer that question. Hope to see you there. The festival takes place April 22-23, 2016 at 135 NW Center St, Mt. Olive, NC 28365.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Opus WIP's

I'm trying to pull together some ZIA®'s for the upcoming Mt. Olive Pickle Fest on April 23. A friend offered me a table, so I'm hustling to finish some WIP's. I have four Opus® tiles in the state of being finished and am excited about the idea that they might actually be done at some point. The Opus tiles are just like the regular Zentangle® tiles, just a lot larger - 10 1/2" x 10 1/2". They're a bit of a challenge to fill, so either you need to put a lot more in them or learn to tangle larger.

My first Opus started was influenced by the Facebook group, Zentangle: Stacked and Tangled. I'm exploring different tangles that work as stacked tangles or border tangles. Most are traditional Zentangle tangles, but I had to include one of my favorites, Dragonaire by Norma J Burnell of Fairy Tangles.

The next is one that is partly done with the Cricut Explore. It drew the lettering and the flower border around the letters. I'm playing with gemstones on this now. I just purchased Eni Oken's e-book on Gemstones and can't wait to work through this. These are so much fun. I used Prisma colored pencils in two shades of yellow and an orangy red.

I still haven't finished another ZIA Opus which I also drew on the Cricut using the cartridge, Art Nouveau. I need to add more color and complete the overall tangles on this one.

My last is another study in progress. I started this Opus for my last Zentangle class which featured more organic/botanical tangles. This has been the most fun. Thanks again to Tina Akua for giving me permission to teach her fun tangle, Ohana. I found Paushalov by Amy Broady of and Suckers by Lizzie Mayne after the class, but have loved learning these and adding them to the tile.

The only issue I have with the Opus is that they don't fit onto my computer's scanner. I'd love to be able to save these onto my computer. This would be a fun way to make a coloring book. Maybe an 8" x 8" or an 8" x 10" would be good. I can always cut the Opus, but having them come in this size would be great.

I have the house to myself today, so plan on a lot of tangling. If you're in eastern NC  next month, plan on stopping by the Mt. Olive Pickle Festival. Yes, they're the ones that make the pickles in your grocery stores. I'm looking forward to having a chance to talk to visitors about Zentangle and hopefully boost my classes.

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Etsy Shop Video

I just finished a new video for my shop, Tangled Moons, to highlight the various explosion boxes available there. All in a day's work. It was fun and went together pretty easily. I started it with Powerpoint, then saved as a video, uploaded to Premiere Elements, added audio and published it to use on the web. I then uploaded it to You Tube. I'd been planning to do this for a while. I'm glad it's finished. Sometimes, you just have to sit down and do it. Another one off my checklist.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Congratulations Terry!

Congratulations to one of my students, Terry, who won the Explosion Box Contest! I will be posting her pictures for her on my facebook page, Tangled Moons/Kathryn Jacoby, CZT. Her work is beautiful and I'm very happy to share it with you.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

More Color Tiles

I'm continuing to work on watercolor paper tiles and this time my tile took on a more whimsical tone. I think I am going to switch from the Tombow Irojiten pencils next time as they don't seem to blend as well as the Prismacolor pencils. I'm also returning to the official Zentangle tiles. I'm sharing the original tile, unshaded, and the finished one.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Working with Color on Tiles

I have been working with more organic shapes in doing my tangling lately, getting ready for my next Zentangle class March 16. I have again been enjoying going through the workshop packet by Sharla Hicks, CZT, from last year's Tangle U. The colors here do not come across as vividly as they do in person, but I am pleased with the outcome. I used a 4" x 4" watercolor paper tile and Irojiten Colored pencils by Tombow. This tile was colored with the Woodlands group, the gray tones.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Let the Contest Begin!

The contest is starting today, like right now! If you purchased one of our great explosion boxes from Tangled Moons on etsy or through Tangled Troves, you're eligible to enter. Just go to our Facebook Page, Tangled Moons, and post a picture of your decorated box, then enter the contest. Please include when you purchased your box so that we can verify the winner. Come back to this blog and leave me a note that your decorated box is posted.

Prize: Your choice of box from the new collection of explosion boxes on our etsy shop, Tangled Moons. Good luck!

Dates: February 22 - March 15, 2016.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 12, 2016

What's Coming??????

As my etsy shop, Tangled Moons has matured over the last two years, my main item focus has changed. I originally opened the shop because I wanted to offer Zentangle products outside my Zentangle classes, but since I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I am not allowed to discount these products. I have had another etsy shop, The Irresistible Ewe, through which I mostly sell fiber and yarn. I offer coupons frequently on that shop, but couldn't include the Zentangle products. As it's impossible to differentiate if someone chooses to use a coupon, I opened Tangled Moons.

Little did I know how well the Explosion Boxes would do on this shop. I first became interested in these fun little boxes when friends were planning a wedding. I made the an explosion box completely decorated, full of little goodies and sweet nuptial coupons.

I have to admit now that in the last two years, I have only made four completely finished boxes, all given away. What has garnered the most interest from my customers have been the blank boxes or ones with only a few scrap paper overlays. Most are looking for the basic box that they don't have to measure and construct themselves, but on which they can put their own decorations and personal touches. This has been a good fit for me, as I have it down to a system now and I don't spend days on one box. At the same time, this has given me time to create different simple styles and to offer more variations.

I am really excited to let you know that I am again looking at adjusting my shops. The pinwheels are going to move to The Irresistible Ewe shop and the Zentangle products will remain in my in-home classes for sale. What's left? Explosion Boxes!

I am developing a basic line of boxes and accessories which customers can use to totally design their boxes from colors to pockets/no pockets, edge trims and box shapes. I will also offer holiday themed boxes for limited times. And the popular watercolor box will be offered in both 3 1/2" cube size and 4" cube size (More tangling space!).

ALSO,  we will have a quarterly show of customer's decorated boxes along with a drawing of those submitted for a free explosion box. Lots of fun! Hopefully, this will start in March. Stay Tuned!