Thursday, October 1, 2015

Imaging Opus

I have been playing with some of the Opus Zentangle Tiles that I purchased a while back. They can be a little daunting when starting on one because of their size, but once started, open up hours of tangling fun.
I was curious about using the Cricut machine to add the "strings" on one in order to do a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art). ZIA's don't need to stick as strictly to the usual tangling rules and are not, I guess, officially Zentangle due to incorporating more realistic elements. But, they're ultra fun and just add to the whole Zen experience for me.
I found that, using a fairly sticky mat and setting the Cricut on drawing instead of cutting, I can run the Opus tiles through the Cricut Explore and let it draw the images or words. I am just not great at lettering myself,  despite many attempts at this. It is etched into my memory that one of my art professors in college gave me a "C" on my lettering class because I had "improved so much."
One of my favorite set of words in my cartridges is the "Attitude of Gratitude" lettering and one of Ann Grasso's Mandala stencils. It goes along so well with one of the concepts of Zentangle in which we remind our students and ourselves to appreciate what we are experiencing during a session. I have almost finished this tile and may add color to it afterward.
I added one other image, one of the ladies from the Art Nouveau cartridge. I used colored pencils to this and was not all that happy with the result, I would like to see it a little smoother. Any suggestions? The tiles are the same hand molded paper that the smaller tiles consist of, so are a little toothy. The colored pencils seems to float a little on the surface.
Anyway, I have added the imaged tiles to my etsy shop, tangledmoons, and will consider a discount for CZT's if interested. Message me before ordering, please. I could also work with you on getting your Opus tiles imaged if that would also work better.
If you haven't tried the Opus tiles, give it a chance. Just imagine the fun of a small tile about nine times more fun! I think these would be great for one of those all day classes that I see discussed on some of the forums.

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