Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's late and I've slept most of the day from a bad, clinging cold and just general fatigue from the work week. I've resisted taking cold medicine today and am not any worse than the other days this week when I did. This must mean (fingers crossed) that I'm finally on the mend. Our Maltipoo tore his toenail last Sunday, of course, not on a weekday, and I spent last Sunday evening waiting for this to be surgically removed at the emergency vet clinic one town away. Tomorrow is his last antibiotic pill day, last day with the large floppy blue collar that keeps him away from his sore foot and his birthday, so celebrations for him and us. I've spent two days home watching him, Henry's spent two days and the regular vet had his company for two. All in all, a long week. I'm really looking forward to some normalcy next week. 
I still have two video segments to share for the hummingbird. I hope everyone who has visited has enjoyed them. I have a new project in mind, but am waiting until I get through with that project first. 
My sweet Hubby has gone to the store for carrots to make chicken soup for us tomorrow and then it's feet up and watching some tube before turning in.
I have squeezed in some valentine tangles this week on die-cut watercolor paper, very subtle color, mostly black and white. My valentine to everyone. Happy Day.