Monday, February 27, 2017

New Tangle Challenge

I just downloaded Linda Farmer's Tangle Guide 2017. I decided to try to get ahead a little for some upcoming classes as well as to practice my Zentangle on a more consistent basis than I have lately. I've given myself a challenge and you're welcome to participate with me by sending in photos of your work. I'm going to try to learn a new tangle (new to me, at least) each day that I have free from substitute teaching or otherwise. I'm starting with A, then moving alphabetically through to Z, maybe coming back to pick up the numbers.
When I looked through the A section, the tangle that grabbed me was Abeko by Lynn Mead, CZT. I love the flowing aspects of this tangle the many ways to draw it. I'm including the finished and unfinished versions of my tile. I used Derwent watercolor Gunmetal and Irojiten Rainforest pencils for shading and color. What can you find to inspire you today?

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