Friday, February 12, 2016

What's Coming??????

As my etsy shop, Tangled Moons has matured over the last two years, my main item focus has changed. I originally opened the shop because I wanted to offer Zentangle products outside my Zentangle classes, but since I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I am not allowed to discount these products. I have had another etsy shop, The Irresistible Ewe, through which I mostly sell fiber and yarn. I offer coupons frequently on that shop, but couldn't include the Zentangle products. As it's impossible to differentiate if someone chooses to use a coupon, I opened Tangled Moons.

Little did I know how well the Explosion Boxes would do on this shop. I first became interested in these fun little boxes when friends were planning a wedding. I made the an explosion box completely decorated, full of little goodies and sweet nuptial coupons.

I have to admit now that in the last two years, I have only made four completely finished boxes, all given away. What has garnered the most interest from my customers have been the blank boxes or ones with only a few scrap paper overlays. Most are looking for the basic box that they don't have to measure and construct themselves, but on which they can put their own decorations and personal touches. This has been a good fit for me, as I have it down to a system now and I don't spend days on one box. At the same time, this has given me time to create different simple styles and to offer more variations.

I am really excited to let you know that I am again looking at adjusting my shops. The pinwheels are going to move to The Irresistible Ewe shop and the Zentangle products will remain in my in-home classes for sale. What's left? Explosion Boxes!

I am developing a basic line of boxes and accessories which customers can use to totally design their boxes from colors to pockets/no pockets, edge trims and box shapes. I will also offer holiday themed boxes for limited times. And the popular watercolor box will be offered in both 3 1/2" cube size and 4" cube size (More tangling space!).

ALSO,  we will have a quarterly show of customer's decorated boxes along with a drawing of those submitted for a free explosion box. Lots of fun! Hopefully, this will start in March. Stay Tuned!

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