Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Upcoming Winter Classes

How are your holidays going? Hopefully, you've been spending lots of fun times with your favorite people. I had the opportunity for time with my family at my mother's house this Christmas, including hugs from the little ones and holding and playing with our newest member. These times just don't come often enough.
I got an indirect nudge from the other Zentangle Teachers on Facebook recently and realized that I was behind scheduling new classes. So, I have updated my schedule and look forward to getting back together with my wonderful students and meeting new ones. I am going to try to branch out a little this year as well to teach through some local institutions. Zentangle is something I love to share with others.
Check out my Classes tab at the top of the page for upcoming times/dates. I am always open to offering an extra day for classes that my students may not be able to make, as long as I have at least two students. I teach at my home, which has turned out to be much quieter than other class sites I've used (and I have coffee or tea). Call for location. Hope to see you soon.

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