Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tangling on Paint

One of the ideas behind the name of this blog, Tangled Moons, is the use of Zentangle®
with the many craft venues that I love. The many moons represent all crafts, arts, etc. I've used tangles® on greeting cards, scrapbook pages and holiday ornaments to name a few. I haven't figured out how to apply them to knitting or crochet yet, but I'm sure someone somewhere will figure this out eventually. 
One of the crafts I have lost over the years has been One Stroke Painting. I learned this from Donna Dewberry, the originator of the painting style, and her students and became certified (1992?). I've come across some painting pieces, painting scribbles to be more exact, that were left in a sketch pad and debated over whether to toss them or re-purpose them in some way. I wasn't thrilled with either one, but did like the colors in them. 
The first is a pink poinsettia which is done in acrylic paints. Could it be tangled with pens? I tried a Sakura Microperm 01 first and it worked for a while, then I switched to an IDenti Pen, also by Sakura. The IDenti Pen works better, although adding a broader stroke even with the finer point. This seems kind of a reverse of what we usually do: tangle, then color in, or randomly color the background, then tangle over it.
In any case, I'm having fun with the results. My next project will be the second page of small white flowers. I may even add more color to the background of these painting rejects. Who knows, maybe they'll metamorph into ZIA's with a little added shading. Any feedback on how to use colored pencils to shade acrylic paint?

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